Spa Treatments

Indulge in the pampering treatments of our renowned day spa in Honolulu. Choose from a variety of massages designed to soothe aching muscles and rejuvenate the soul and learn for yourself why Travel & Leisure and Spa Magazines voted our tranquil Honolulu retreat as one of top spas in the world.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

A traditional form of Hawaiian massage, Lomi Lomi is “the art of love and healing through the hands and heart.” This massage combines rhythmic kneading and flowing strokes to soothe pain, relieve muscle tension, and improve overall blood circulation.
50 minutes,  $155                                
80 minutes,  $205


Our signature massage eliminates stress and restores energy. This unique massage uses lava stones combined with Lomi Lomi techniques to balance the body’s natural meridian points and stimulate circulation.
50 minutes,  $165                                
80 minutes,  $215


A Japanese technique influenced by both Chinese and Western medicines. Specific pressure points are stimulated to harmonize the body’s energy flow.
50 minutes,  $155                                
80 minutes,  $205


This European massage uses rhythmical strokes, kneading, and small circular motions to improve circulation and muscle tone.
50 minutes,  $145                                
80 minutes,  $195

Lomi Wawae

This 80-minute treatment begins with a traditional mind, body and spirit cleansing followed by a full back massage using Lomi Lomi techniques.  Next, a salt scrub along the back is applied to help aid in purifying and cleansing the body.  The treatment then utilizes Lomi Lomi on the hips which is a vital step in relaxing the core muscles and promoting tension relief to the lower back and legs. Once at the feet, the therapist begins the Lomi Wawae, concentrating on improving overall well-being of the entire body by stimulating points on the foot.
80 minutes, $215


By stimulating pressure points on your feet, this deeply relaxing massage relieves tension, increases blood circulation and opens energy pathways.
50 minutes,  $155                                

Couples Massage

Relax in the comfort of our couple’s room as you are treated to side-by-side massages that are customized to target the areas you need attention most.  Choose from Lomi Lomi, Swedish or Ho’ola massage.
50 minutes, $300 / couple    
80 minutes, $400 / couple


A massage designed in consultation with your spa therapist, this customized fusion of curative massage styles will do wonders where you need it most.
50 minutes,  $150                                
80 minutes,  $200


A massage utilizes slow, deep strokes to release muscle tension and chronic pain in specific areas. This specialty massage combines a variety of deep tissue techniques and stretching to provide maximum relief of troubled areas.
50 minutes,  $160                                
80 minutes,  $210

Thermal Jet Lag

This massage features moist heating pads used to provide consistent deep penetration of targeted areas and a vigorous massage that incorporates stretching techniques to relax the muscles fatigued by travel.  The perfect remedy after your trip to the islands!
50 minutes,  $160